What kind of TV program do you like to watch?

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Good afternoon. Please tell us your opinion about the television. What kind of movies do you like? And what kind of television channels do you prefer?

Well, I prefer watching popular science. It is not only a way to learn a lot of things but a way for great entertainment. I love the technology so every movie for things and devices in this area is something very good for me.
And which are your favorite movies? You must watch movies too, yes?
Yes, I am a big fan of comedies. I just love to sit in front of the TV in the evening, to get a beer and to watch a really funny movie. There are so many television channels so it is very easy to choose what to watch.

And what do you think – is the television the best way for entertainment and for receiving the news?

Well, it is hard to say. There are a lot of ways for entertainment and a lot of ways for reading the news. Television is a part of people’s life and it will be forever. But there are many interesting things – going out with friends, Internet, computer games and so on.

So you like to make different things. This is great! But tell us something more about the television and the entertainment.
Well, everyone can spend some really good time watching TV. Not only the movies but the news and advertisement blocks. People have to get to the information and they do it with the help of the radio, the television and Internet. We live in the century of the communication and we have to use this. It is not the time when people used carrier pigeons to send information.

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I understand. So you mean that the television is a great way for entertainment but at the same time it is a great source of information and news for the people. And what do you think about the Internet?

Well, the Internet takes a bigger part in our life than the television. But as I said before these are two different things and they are part of our life. So we have to use both of them.

New generation of TV movies

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The new generation of movies is something that attracts people all over the world. The effects and all other stuff are much better than these from the past. Today we know a lot of different movies. But the television is something that will go on developing. We will tell you some things about the first days of the television in our world, the first movies and so on.

In 1920 the first TV sets were discovered and the first television telecasts were transmitted to the audience. At first the television channels were transmitting for only few hours per week and this was a time of great entertainment for the people. At first the television movies were silent and monochrome which means black and white. Years later the first colored movies were created and different TV channels started to appear.

tv movies

Today we know a lot of different television channels – for music, comedies, movies, popular science and so on. But the most important thing is that today we can choose what to watch and when to watch. The cable televisions and the satellite TVs offer the audience a huge variety of different channels and movies. We can choose whether to watch the news or to choose some interesting movie for our entertainment.

The present day television is something perfect for everyone. We can learn a lot of things, we can spend some nice time with people we love while watching a really good movie and so on. We can say that the television is a part of our life and today nobody can live without it. Children love to watch channels as Cartoon network and Disney, teenagers love to watch MTV because of the nice music and the parents love to watch serial movies, comedies and action movies.

Different movie companies create a lot of movies for the television and the audience. Every year there are castings and many people take part in different movies. So if you are interested in this you can go and sign in for a movie casting. This is a chance to be a part of something big and other people will watch you on the television.

Televisions through the years

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The television is something we have known for many years. The first movies were monochrome or in other words black-and-white. Years later the first colored movies appeared to the audience. Today we watch only colored movies and some of us remember the days when the entertainment with the television was only for several hours per day and not every day. But when one idea is created for development and progresses then nothing can stop it. That is why today we know a lot of different television channels that transmit different television programs – music, comedies, actions, popular science, serial movies and so on.

Today the television is not only a way of entertainment but a way to get closer to the news from all parts of the world. The television is a way that different information comes to the people. But when was the television discovered? What were the first TV sets? It is interesting information and we will tell you something more about it.smart tv

In 1920s the first optical and electronic technologies for transmitting visual images were discovered. The first TV sets had nothing in common with these we know today. They looked like huge boxes with a screen, and they needed rectifiers to work because in these days the electrical signals were with huge difference between the peaks so it was dangerous for the TV set if there was no rectifier.

Today we watch television with the help of fully electronic television devices and we can enjoy the entertainment of a wonderful picture and sound. With the development of the technology soon we will see the next generation of TV sets.

Another interesting thing is the development of the technologies that allow the movie directors and producers to create great movies. Today we can watch movies with good effects. Most of the movies are a reflection of people’s life and the most popular are the TV series. They attract a lot of people to the TV and they are a great way for entertainment.

Other popular television movies are actions that tell us about super heroes or only heroes who save the world. They take the second place for television movies after the serial movies.

TV for everybody

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All children around the world love watching television. It is a great way of entertainment and the movies and action heroes take part in children’s life. For example, the main idea in all movies is that the good is better than the evil so while watching television for entertainment children learn to be good. But sitting in front of the TV set can do something more. Some kids love to watch television channels like Animal Planet, National Geographic and so on. In that way they learn a lot of things about our world. So the different movies can help a man, a child or a woman to learn a lot of things about different parts of our world – wildlife, technology, space and so on.

Today we know a lot of different television channels – for popular science, for technology, only for entertainment, for music and so on. And it is very interesting how people change. The children love to watch cartoon network and other channels for kids, teenagers love to watch music video clips and to listen to music, for example MTV and our parents are fond of watching serials and the news.

tv shows

There are telecasts for fashion, lifestyle and other interesting things that are very popular in the present-day life. So, in short, everyone can learn a lot of things watching television and that is not everything. It is one great way for entertainment at the same time. We know national and cable televisions. The national televisions are free but for the cable channels we have to pay some money every month.

Another thing that is very popular among the people is the movies every television broadcasts at the weekends. There are different interesting movies for example actions, dramas, comedies and so on. Different people like to watch different movies. The most popular for the audience are the comedies which are funny movies that make everyone laugh. This is the reason they are so popular because everyone needs some fun.

TV poll

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Today we will read one interesting poll about the television and the entertainment. See what a young girl thinks about it:

Hello, what do you do for entertainment?

Well, I do a lot of things but the one I love the most is watching an interesting movie on the television. I am a very big fan of the good movies.

And what about the Internet? Do you like the television more than the virtual entertainment in the Web?
Yes. I do not spend a lot of time in the Internet. I prefer going out with friends and when I am at home I watch TV. But still, the best way for entertainment is watching something really interesting on TV.

Do you like to watch movies in the cinema?

Oh, yes! But going to the cinema costs money and watching television for entertainment at home does not. So I still prefer watching TV.

And can you tell us something more about your favorite kind of movies?

Of course! I like to watch comedies and TV series for example „Malcolm in the middle“, „Married with children“ and so on. I do not like movies with violence and killing. There are a lot of movies I like even not serials. They are Avatar, Titanic (one old classic), and Hair – one lovely movie that everyone should watch. They are many. I cannot tell you every movie I like.

And what do you think of the news? Do you watch the news on the TV?

No, I use the TV only for my entertainment. I prefer reading the newspaper or finding useful information in the Internet. I do not like the news very much but sometimes I watch it.

So this was our poll about the television, the movies and the way of entertainment. It is always interesting to hear what people think about something. And today we learned something interesting about the television – it can be the best way for entertainment but some people prefer reading the news in the newspapers to watching them on TV.

TV as a part of our lives

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One of the best ways for entertainment is the television. It is a source of information, a source of fun and something that is an important part of our life. Years ago the television was not such a big part of our life and maybe we should not call it „a part of our life“. For example, thirty years ago there were only several places where people were able to watch television. And then it became a really great way for entertainment. Today the television is not only something that amuses us but something more. We can spend some time watching the news and this is how we learn about the most important things from the country and other parts of the world.

But the most popular thing of all is watching an interesting movie with some friends. That is why the television has so many fans all over the world. We can watch serials, interesting telecasts, music channels and so on. Today there are many different televisions and we can watch comedies, channels with music and other things.
Television as a part of our lives
And this is not everything. While watching television for entertainment we can see something useful during the advertising pause. Every television has such a pause during the movies or the news. It is not only useful for the people but for the business too. And the most useful ads are these on the television.

There are different kinds of people – some watch television for entertainment, others watch only news, third watch TV when they have nothing else to do and so on. Most of the people watch the movies in the evening because this allows them to sit in front of the TV set with the husband or wife and of course kids and to spend some time together with an interesting movie.
Of course there are a lot of movies that people are interested in and that is why some of the men and women spend hours sitting and watching TV. Today every country is creating movies but most of them are serials.

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